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Admission Criteria for ANCHOR Sober Living

  • Resident will be 18 years of age or older

  • Engage in full-time employment, school, or volunteer work

  • Resident will be willing to engage in a recovering lifestyle

  • Must pass move-in background check, breathalyzer and drug test

  • Resident will be a fully detoxified individual if in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction

  • Resident will be capable of self-preservation

  • Resident will be able to provide for their own routine hygiene

  • Resident will be willing to engage in group living

  • Resident will be capable of performing routine housekeeping/ chores

  • Resident will have a willingness to remain clean and sober

  • Resident will be capable of contracting with staff regarding any required tasks

  • Scheduled and random breathalyzer and drug testing



  • Homicidal or suicidal

  • Psychotic

  • In need of detoxification from the use of substances

  • Unable to carry out activities of daily living

  • Incapable of self-preservation

  • Non-compliance with necessary medical or psychiatric care

  • In the opinion of staff, pose a threat to their own, or the health, safety, or sobriety status of staff or other residents

  • Outstanding police warrants

  • History or indication of arson

  • Is a sex offender who should be, or is registered as a sex offender

  • Pregnant


House Amenities

  • Fully furnished living and dining areas

  • Fully furnished private and semiprivate bedrooms

  • Bedroom linens, bathroom towels, toilet paper, soap all supplied.

  • Kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, coffee, condiments, linens, paper towels and soaps/detergent. Must buy your own food.

  • Cable television, and DVD player

  • Wi-Fi internet access

  • House telephone with local calls included

  • Washer/Dryer

  • Outdoor patio

  • Parking

  • Reading nook


Benefits of ANCHOR Sober Living

  • Friendly and warm atmosphere

  • Employment skills/ job search help

  • Sober environment

  • All Day Bottomless Coffee Pot

  • Enjoyable and quality living space

  • 12 Step Meeting availability

  • Recovering with other sober minded people

  • Sober living skills instruction


Costs  (Self-pay)

Reserve Your Spot: $150 Administration fee (non-refundable deposit)

$600/ month for shared room

$700/ month for private rooms (first come first served basis)

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